Group exercise is a fantastic way to workout, have fun and meet like minded people at the same time!

Our tailored class timetable is a cornerstone of Club Active with a combination of mainstream exercise classes, lifestyle workshops, and specially designed classes for those with certain chronic conditions lead by Accredited Exercise Physiologists.

Exercise, enjoy, and change the way you age!


These classes are suitable for the general active population without pre-existing physical limitations. Consult Club Active staff if unsure.


An effective total body workout that improves cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance and hand-eye coordination. Builds self-confidence in a fun environment. Beginners welcome – correct technique taught.

Circuit & Circuit XPress

Circuit training improves whole body strength and endurance through alternating active exercise stations with rest periods. A time-efficient, functional, fat burning workout that will both challenge and reward!
NB: Circuit XPress is a high intensity short duration (30 min) class. A warm-up is recommended prior to commencing this class.


A cardio workout with a difference! Incorporating a fusion of dance styles with great music - the emphasis is as much on having fun as on breaking a sweat! Provides a great all-round workout suitable for all.

Group Cardio

A guided and inspired workout incorporating a variety of modalities and techniques to improve cardiovascular fitness. A combination of continuous and interval training methods will ensure a fantastic workout that will leave you feeling energized and upbeat.

Move & Tone

A mix of cardio and strength training incorporating a light paced cardio section with a variety of different moves to raise the heart rate, followed by a body shaping and stretch component. Effective to tone, strengthen and condition the muscles. Hand weights may be used for the toning part of the class.


A mat-based workout designed to develop core muscle strength and improve posture, flexibility and balance. Enhances well-being through relaxation and stress relief. Suitable for all.

Pilates Reformer

With a maximum of 3 participants, these classes are ideal for those wanting to have the benefit of a semi private class. Pilates reformers provide a full body workout using spring loaded resistance, which can be adjusted for all levels of ability. Benefits include toning, flexibility, better posture, efficient movement, body/mind connection, not to mention flat abs!
NB: Additional fees and bookings apply. Private health rebates available. See staff for details.

Tai Chi

Involves a series of uninterrupted, smooth, relaxed, flowing movements enhancing mind-body health. Exercises generate and circulate vital energy, or Chi, around the body by following specific principles of movement, posture and breathing, bringing the body into a state of harmony and balance. Tai Chi enhances circulation and vitality, while improving muscle tension, flexibility, coordination and balance.


A balanced combination of yoga styles to help strengthen and lengthen muscles, improve body alignment, posture and awareness. Yoga practices can help relieve the effects of chronic stress and the challenges of contemporary life, bringing the mind and body to a focused, relaxed state and harmony into your life. Suitable for all.



These classes are specifically designed for the special needs of individuals with certain types of chronic medical conditions. All Pulses classes are led by Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP), and aim to improve functional capacity and improve quality of life among a group of similar people. These classes may be accessible through private health, Medicare and DVA rebates. Consult your Club Active AEP for more information.
NB: Entry into these classes is only permitted after an initial health consultation with your Club Active AEP.

Back Health

This class targets those suffering from chronic back and joint pain, arthritis, poor flexibility and balance. A series of mat-based stretching and strengthening exercises are incorporated designed to develop core muscle strength and improve posture, flexibility, balance and joint mobility. This class will enhance wellbeing through relaxation and stress relief, and improve functional capacity for daily living.


This class is focused on those who have experienced or are at risk of a fall. Exercises are structured to improve functional movement strength, enhance balance and coordination, and increase overall body awareness. An improved functional capacity will lead to an increase in confidence and self-esteem, and allow you to live life to the fullest.

Breathe Easy

This class will benefit those suffering from various chronic respiratory conditions including COPD (emphysema / bronchitis), asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, sleep apnea, bronchiectasis and lung cancer. Designed to improve breathing patterns while improving general fitness and strength, this class will assist living your life to the fullest without being limited by your condition. During the class, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing will be assessed to ensure that the exercise is both safe and effective.


This class targets the needs of those who currently or have previously had a heart condition including heart failure, myocardial infarction (heart attack), angina pectoris, cardia arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, or heart sounds. Following an initial warm-up, this class consists of a combination of resistance training, balance and coordination exercises, and cardio exercise to improve functional movement, exercise capacity and endurance.


Using a team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Dietitians, the aim of this class is to enable those with Type 2 diabetes to better manage their condition and get the most out of life. Exercise is used as a medicine to help avoid heart disease, hypertension, peripheral neuropathy and other secondary conditions associated with diabetes. Classes consist of a cardio interval training phase, followed by resistance training exercises proven to be of benefit to alleviate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and increase functional exercise capacity.